credit score

credit score
credit scoring ˈcredit ˌscoring noun [uncountable] BANKING ECONOMICS
the activity of calculating the risk that someone asking for a loan will not make the necessary repayments when they should, which involves asking the person questions about their job, how much they earn etc:

• Most lenders have cut costs by moving to a credit scoring system to assess how likely you are to default on a loan.

— credit score noun [countable] :

• The banks will typically charge between 7 and 11 per cent depending on your credit score.

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credit score UK US noun [C] (also credit scoring) FINANCE
a number that is based on information in a credit report (= a record of someone's debt and payment of debt), which financial organizations consider in making decisions about lending money: »

Most lenders consider credit scores above 700 good and view scores below 600 as potentially risky.

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